Hommel Opticline Contour 510


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For over 30 years Medley Precision has been successfully involved in the production and supply of precision-machined components. As a leading subcontractor to a wide range of companies we serve a diverse set of industries, investing in new state of the art equipment as our company & prestigious customer base grows.




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Machine Overview

HOMMEL opticline systems are used for solving tasks for measuring lengths, diameter, form and position as well as checking geometry. With its optical non-contact sensors, intelligent software, and high-precision mechanics, the systems offer the highest level of flexibility in measurement cycles of seconds. Light to medium-weight gear shafts for cars or light HGV gears up to 500mm long and a diameter of 140mm can be measured by the HOMMEL opticline C510 equipment in all operating stages.

System Highlights

SPC measuring station for operator self-inspection enabling fast measurements and a comprehensive documentation of product quality

Closed housing fitted with doors, optionally available with motorized operation for even faster loading and unloading

Extensive clamping equipment program for flexible measurement of various workpieces, including project-specific solutions

Opticline C203 for very cost-efficient measurement of small workpieces