WT-150II x 2

High speed, high rigidity and compact multi-tasking machine. » Up to 26kW cutting power available for turning shaft-work with synchronized spindles.(Left spindle motor 15/11kW, Right spindle motor 11/7.5kW) » Driven-Tool Motor Power 5.5/3.7kW,for heavy cutting with small tools. » With upper / lower turret construction, 4-axis machining as well as various other machining combinations possible on either spindle » With upper / lower turrets and opposed two-spindle construction,cycle time balancing and reduction is possible. » With up to 24-tools per turret,48 tools can be permanently available.


Hydrafeed Bar Feed

Workholding for Both Spindles

Coolant/Swarf Management

Equipment Information & Video

Machine height: 1,885.2mm

Floor space (Length): 3,674mm

Floor space (Width): 2,264mm

Machine weight: 8,900kg Max.

Turning diameter: 190mm Max. turning length: 515mm

Distance between spindle nose: max. 800mm / min. 200mm

Bar capacity: 51mm 65mm (L) Chuck size: 6” 165mm / 8” 200mm